Amphibians – Tot School Unit Plan


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Amphibians Unit

Frogs / Toads / Salamanders

Lily Pad Life – Sensory Tub


Plastic frogs, water, rocks, and lily pads (from Dollar Tree foam sheets)

“On the safety of the lily pad, a frog can relax or catch flies without fear of predation.” – The Life of a Lily Pad | Britannica Blog

Introduction to the Life Cycle of a Frog

This pictures-only book by Susan Knobler a great resource to introduce the four life cycles of a frog to young learners: Egg, Tadpole, Young Frog, Adult Frog. Shown above is the most…ahem…graphic page. If you’re ready for a frank conversation about how baby frogs are made, this is your book!

I found this at the Goodwill, and haven’t found it on Amazon (she does have a Black Ant book I am dying to get my hands on!).

For more readily available books, print out this free downloadable .pdf and take it with you to the library (or take advantage of your branch’s mail order library)!


AMPHIBIANS Tot School Reading List 

Letter-Gulp Frogs


These frogs were another Dollar Tree find: a 36-pack for 1.00! Since our letters of the week were S, R, I and P we did a variation on this game. I have included a full set of printable letters on my Teachers Pay Teachers site, if you’d like to try this game yourself.

No time to run to the store? That’s okay – I have a frog template available for purchase for $1 so you can print your own right now! The downloadable file includes blank flies in extended rainbow colors and in black/plain only – as well as flies in both A-Z and a-z formats: