Apple Life Cycle – Tot School Unit Plan


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Full set of printable activities and complete unit planner now available for purchase!



Apple Picking:

Recycled toilet paper tubes with wood grain contact paper added, foam and sticky Velcro dots for the top.


Mini Eraser Pattern Matching

Miniature apple erasers from Target Dollar Spot with printable Apple Erasers Pattern Match (now available in my store) for beginning pattern work.


Ten Apples Up On Top

This is a great toddler board book – I particularly like it because of it’s small size.  It makes an excellent gross motor game when paired with ten flour/rice-filled red balloons (always supervise young children around balloons)! Can you count how many you can stack before they topple over?


Bean Bag Toss

Beppie83 at Pinterest had the idea to fashion a Hoola Hoop Apple using construction paper, for a bean bag toss! Bonus for yellow, green and red bags…

We also used bean bags this week for our Apple Toss game (landing them into coordinating colored buckets/baskets).

Apple Sorting

We used our Apple Color Match Cards taped to felt baskets as we did not have red yellow or green containers!

I used multi-colored bean bags and called out the basket color names as targets. Later, I made coordinating apple shaped bean bags:

You could also use the color cards for sorting real apples into the appropriate bins.


Apple Stacking

This is a great tool for fine motor development! I found myself having a bit of fun seeing how many recycled pouch lids could balance on top of a golf tee (…about 6. Don’t tell anyone).


Apple Seed Counting

Another fun activity is this printable apple seed counting mat. Four sheets cover numbers 1-20 and two sets matching leaves to cover upper and lowercase written forms. I used raw pumpkin seeds for this activity (with supervision). You could use black beans or miniature black poms for a non-food option. Additionally, consider printing off a couple mats to use at meal times and incorporate peas or whatever you happen to have for snack!


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