Sensory Bins/Tubs

These were some of my very favorite activities go play with my eight month old.

Sensory Baskets

Sensory or “treasure” baskets are a huge hit for little ones – the focus is on rotating objects every few days, which also helps reduce your clutter, if you’re someone like me who doesn’t like having all the toys out at once.

Sensory Recipes

Colored noodles, rice, yogurt and pasta are super easy sensory materials to create at home for pennies on the dollar. You can also mix up a batch of taste-safe paints and scented dough (see Recipes).

Sensory Bottles


One of the most fascinating ones for my newborn were water bottles with colored pom poms, and later ones filled with noise makers (e.g. small pebbles, rice or pony beads).

As your child ages, you can begin to fill mystery boxes and zippered pencil pouches with new objects for them to explore!

Click the image for more Sensory Bottle ideas!