Baby Shark – Birthday Theme

Party Games

Blow-Fish Bucket Toss


For this game I grabbed a few dollar store balls and created a blow-fish faces .PDF

I have included the download for FREE if you’d like to print some for your party:


Free Blowfish .PDF

There are similar balls on Amazon but I like these Dollar Tree ones because they have a flat surface around the air fill hole where you can glue or tape the printed faces.

You could go without the faces and just make a label for the spiky ball crate to get your point across just fine!


Party Favors

Tackle Box Party Favors

I used Dollar Tree small jewelry organizers plus a bobber and homemade labels: “Shark Bait for my Chum _____”


You can purchase a similar set on Amazon, although it is quite a bit cheaper to buy from the Dollar Tree if you can!

I found that bobbers / fishing floats were a bit spendy on Amazon, so I purchased mine at a local fishing supply store for a better price. You could likely find them at Walmart for a reasonable amount, or make your own using mini Christmas ornaments or ping pong/foam balls (tape off and spray paint half either white or red).

Add some candies (I included some goldfish crackers to reduce the sugar content for our young guests but you could use all candy for a cleaner look).

Good candy options include:

  • Small malt balls
  • Gummy/sour worms
  • Mini marshmallows as “Power Bait”
  • Gummy sharks
  • Swedish fish
  • Mini jellybeans
  • Red Hots
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Chocolate Raisins
  • ANYTHING and EVERYTHING small and sweet!


Food and Snacks

Shark Marshmallow Pops

– Recipe by


The entire party set will be available at my TeachersPayTeachers store (Coming Soon!)