One of my favorite photo sessions was inspired by the trending Instagram hashtag #magicalmilkbathmonday

We jumped on the bandwagon, trimming some pink and white flowers from just offside our porch, and dumping the leftovers from the gallon of milk into the bath.

The hot water and cold milk swirled together, until the perfect temp was reached. Then, in went one wriggly and excited baby, who had been watching me prepare the ‘set’. He splashed with joy, submerging most of the petals instantaneously.



We actually spent more time playing than photo-shooting, but I would do this again. I have also seen variations where parents or caregivers have added a cup of lucky charms, etc. to the milky water. At first I totally cringed, but then I imagined being three or four years old, and how amazing it would be to eat a marshmallow out of the bath!



I had been kneeling in the bath to get a good angle of his delighted face, and noticed after I toweled off that my legs have never been smoother – I’d try this again, on another lazy and rainy Monday morning.

What would you add to your Magical Milk bath?