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AMAZON Bluetooth Wireless headphone for $10?

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I always thought earpieces were synonymous with Blackberries – and I neither had nor needed either of those things. So when an amazon reviewer reached out to us with a usb earpiece I agreed, thinking I could probably get my wife to test it out during conference calls.

Well, when the product arrived she reminded me that her actual prescribed hearing aids were designed to pair with her smartphone: she didn’t need the extra hardware to keep track of and charge.

Begrudgingly, I waited until the last few days of our review period to test it out. I let the thing charge for a full hour and then decided to try it out while editing the vlog footage of the device charging, etc. I paired it easily, for it into my ear, and began playing music from my SoundCloud app on my iOS device. I switched into my editing app and the music stopped, switching automatically to the new app.

Cool, I thought, editing my intro and switching to an older vlog that needed finishing touches. I decided to export the finished clip, and is is usually where I remove my headphone and walk away from my phone (closing the app means stopping the painfully slow file transfer). I gave the main button on the earpiece a tap, and was surprised to hear my SoundCloud playlist resume.

Crap! I must have closed the app…


No, the headpiece just picked up the secondary audio for me. Ha! Amazing! I decided to push my luck. “Hey, Siri: text my wife.”

I immediately heard her in my ear canal: “What would you like to say to Amy [Rainbow Pictorial] Hightower?”

This earpiece exceeded my expectations. It’s a poor mans one-legged version of the AirPods that I can’t afford. It keeps my children from tanking cords from my ears, allows me to podcast while cooking, without my telephone swinging from my apron pocket (yes, I cook with an apron. I take this housewife thing very seriously). I can enjoy my audiobook at night without disturbing my wife’s sleep, or completely blocking I’m the sound of the baby monitor (I actually like having one alert ear)!

Thank you to lcreat for donating this earpiece for our review. This is a great gift idea for the audiophiles in our life!

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Ginmic Toys | Amazon Review

Ginmic Toys offered our family a complementary play mat and dinosaurs in exchange for our honest review. In a nutshell, here are our pros and cons list (click play on the video above to watch the full video and see Canyon’s delight in unboxing this product, which came in a very exciting dinosaur box):


  • Packaged in a cardboard box with a very eye catching dinosaur scene – just add a ribbon and tag for a beautiful gift wrap alternative.
  • Smaller items were packaged as sets, making it easy to discern different parts and pieces: the palm trees came in their own cellophane bag, as did the small dinosaurs (or ‘baby dinos’ as Canyon says).
  • The felt mat was thicker than the cheaper felt you often see at the craft or dollar stores. The image was printed crisply, with a high resolution and large enough for my two kids to share.
  • Additional scenery pieces made it easier to expand play ideas. We pretended the palm trees were ‘salads’ for the herbivores, and the carnivores got big hunks of meat (ahem, brown boulders and rocks). 
  • It provides hours and hours of fun. We are not always sure what makes a product a “hit” or a “miss” in my toddler’s world, but this one he consistently asks for. So, that’s a win!


  • Two of the large dinosaur figurines did not stand independently, and one my wife was able to bend a little to make it work. Could be potentially frustrating for some kids if all but one or two stand. 
  • The toggles/drawstrings on the storage bag could present a hazard – supervision suggested by this mama (as well as by the manufacturer).

My two year old didn’t seem to notice the wobbly dinos, but seemed delighted with the mini set and the travel bag, as well as matching the dinos to the images on the mat and learning each name/classification.

As supervision is almost always required or at least strongly recommended for all kids products, that doesn’t necessarily fall into the “cons” category, but I had to point out the two long drawstrings.  

I recommend this play mat for kids around 3 years old, and it is marked for ages 3+ so it seems like GINMIC is on point with that. Or else I am. Or, we are on the same page, anyway!

Pinterest provides DIY felt play mat ideas, available for free online. If you aren’t willing or in a position to invest the resources toward a DIY, save yourself time and frustration and order this play mat from Amazon. It’s also available on Prime!

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