Family Friendly Gift Ideas: Under $50 | AMAZON

Gift Ideas for the 2019 – 2020 Holiday Season

1. $39.95 USB 2.0 Digital Microscope – Useful and fun for students, collectors, testers, and anyone interested in exploring the microscopic world.

2. $12.99 Turkish Towel – This one is made from 100% cotton and available in a TON of color options – I purchased this towel as family gifts in 2016 and I recently saw my in-laws take it to Hawaii (they said it’s their favorite airplane/travel blanket, in 2019!)

3. $18.99 Waterproof Beach Blanket) – This one includes:

– 1 Waterproof Ground Cover 60″ x 55”
– 4 loops and 4 plastic stakes to anchor blanket into the ground
– 4 corner pockets which you can fill with sand or stones for added weight
– 1 zipper pocket to conveniently store valuables
– 1 matching Carabiner so you can hang it on your backpack or bag
– 1 travel pouch to keep everything tidy

4. $20 Smartwool Sock – Invest in a quality pair of socks for yourself – or someone you love. Great stocking stuffer idea!

5. $8 2020-2014 Five Year Planner – Great for the person who loves a schedule!

6. $50 Amazon Gift Card – Available in amounts of your choosing: simply click the “Amount” option. (And next year, don’t wait til last minute to choose a gift – I kid, I go this route all of the time)

7. $28.93 Chocolate, Crunch and Nuts Gift Basket – Something for them to savor as they remember how much you care (any food or sweets basket will do!)

8. $12 Chutes and Ladders – A family game night favorite (board games are a special gift because it encourages quality time spent together)

9. $27 Burrito Blanket – Casofu makes this one, which is fleece – it’s also getting rave reviews on Amazon right now, and ALSO on sale. It’s ridiculous and amazing and I can’t wait to purchase it for someone! Would make an amazing white elephant gift and is also available in a waffle stylejust sayin’.

10. $29.95 State Destination Bamboo Cutting Board * – I don’t own this one (yet – hint, hint) but out of 312 reviews, nearly all are positive, giving Totally Bamboo company a glowing 5 stars on Amazon. *Other Amazon sellers offer customizable cutting boards, which could be a nice way to add an extra personal touch to a different design.

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Gifts for Young Adults – AMAZON IDEA LIST 2019

1. $15 Liquid Motion Bubble Timer – Looking for a stress relief toy? This colorful liquid bubble drop motion timer is an excellent visual stimulant which has a mesmerizing effect as you watch the bubbles travel down in slow motion. The oil droplets can even make the colorful wheels spin. Just flip this cool liquid motion toy over and start again until you are fully relaxed.

2. $24.99 Light Up Crystal Growing Kit for Kids – Ages 8+ and fun for anyone, really!

3. $17.95 Fidget Infinity Cube – Made from aluminum alloy, this one is a step above the cheaper plastic models. Both is a great gift for someone with limited storage space in 2019, as it looks classy on a desk or shelf.

4. $32 Kids Against Maturity Game – A Family Game Night favorite and Tillywig Toy Award Winner that will have everyone rolling! Agest 8+

5. $12.99 Foldology Origami Puzzles “Easy to start and challenging to master. A fun, foldable brain teaser”

6. $23.99 Jasonwell Hand Operated Drone – High-Tech Hand Controlled Drone with no remote: UFO drones toys for kids use high-tech infrared motion sensors to detect obstacles and steer by hand.

7. $$ ANY AMOUNT – Amazon Gift Cards make one of the best holiday gifts! With a worldwide market at your fingertips, share any amount instantly. This card comes with a kraft paper envelope and jingle bells for that added holiday touch.

8. $25 Ultimate Movie Night Care Package – RedBox movie rental code included for instant movie credit! Snacks and a movie, the perfect gift for someone who could use a little downtime and a treat.

9. $5 Dehydrated Water – Just add water! Make sure your loved one never goes thirsty!

10. $39 Dammit Doll Three Pack – Give this hilarious gift three times (each doll is stitched with the signature poem, so you can buy in bulk for savings). Everyone gets frustrated – this doll helps release tension in a comical way!


Amazon Gifts Under $50 for Teens in 2019

1. $35.99 Aisuo Night Light – 5 in 1 Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker – This light has so many bells and whistles that you just have to see for yourself

2. $21.99 Cinema Light Box Marquis –  154 letters/numbers and 90 emoji tiles, along with 15 colored light options. In addition to classic white, dim up/down the brightness, have fun with the “Flash”, “Strobe”, “Fade” and “Smooth” light play options, all controlled with an included remote

3. $34.95 Family Chess Set by Brain Blox – A quality wooden board with color coded pieces. This entire set includes Reference Cards, Chess Cube, Full-Color Instruction Book, Chess Board, & Chess Pieces!

4. $39.95 Hola! Ukelele for Beginners with Carrying Case – Many color options make this an easy gift idea for the music loving teen interested in exploring a new hobby, or consider other economical beginner instruments like a $24 harmonica or $18 bongo

5. $24.97 Magnetic Dart Board – Know someone who needs to spice up their family game room? This is your ticket! With an “Interstellar Gameplay” option on the reverse side, it is sure to please the entire family.

6. $23.95 College Box – A snack box delivered courtesy Amazon? YES PLEASE! No additional costs for Prime member through 2019. What teen doesn’t love a delicious snack? Especially those living away from home and missing all the usual creature comforts. The description says it ”  includes a mix of sweet, salty, savory, and healthy snacks. Best essential brands of chips, cookies, candies, bars, popcorn, crackers. Best variety on Amazon as it includes all of your favorite individually wrapped snacks and goodies. It’s the ultimate, classic, deluxe, best, biggest, value sampler snacks box – bulk, bundle, variety fun pack. Large for a great low price – what a good deal. Wholesale quantity amount of snacks and treats to enjoy!”

(I would want this, as an adult! See: Crave Box for $30 which includes “Best essential brands of nuts, fruit chews, bars, popcorn, veggie chips”.)

7. $13.99 Macrame Hanging Photo Display – In this day and age people (I mean teens – I mean, people) can’t be bothered to size, mat and hang photos. (I mean, some of us can. But I can’t, and I’m long since a teen.)

Anyway, this beautiful hanging display would make a classy addition to a dorm room or bedroom, to display those motivational cards and cat photos. I mean, pictures of families.

8. $44.99 Deluxe Bedside Organizer – Great for dorms, RVs and other small spaces. Great for those who could benefit from some extra organizational tools. Car organizers are another great option!

9. $9.99 Cat Goat Cheese Pizza – “This is the social card game that is going to change your game night forever… This addictive game is as unique as its name. It’s a power packed quick and simple party game. Race against each other to SLAP a match between a card and spoken word. But – watch out! – your mind will play tricks on you. This game was engineered for maximum fun. Enjoy!”

10. Stuffed Christmas Stocking – Fill it with essential items that teens don’t want to spend their hard earned money on, but always like to have on hand (especially for the college student): batteries, command hooks and poster strips, decorative washi or duct tape, etc.

A funny joke (depending on who you ask) is to “fill” the stocking with a simple lump of coal (and amazon gift card in any amount of your choosing if they haven’t been TOO naughty – ha!)

I hope this list gave you inspiration. Don’t forget to PIN so you can revisit!

Children’s Gifts Under $50| AMAZON GUIDE

Gift Ideas for the 2019 – 2020 Holiday Season

1. $39 Melissa and Doug Magic in a Snap (KIT) – Every magician needs a top quality top hat, and this one is top notch! The four-piece set includes a velvet pop-up and fold-flat hat with a secret pocket, a sturdy wand, a plush rabbit to make appear and disappear, and a silver coin to transform! easy-to follow illustrated instructions help budding magicians learn the secrets behind these impressive classic tricks that are sure to wow audiences of all ages!

2. $41 KidCo Bath Toy Organizer – Adjustable to fit most tubs with divider panels that fit where you want them. The KidCo Bath Storage Basket holds bath toys, soap, shampoo and more: slotted sides and bottom allow items to dry properly.

3. $9 Wipe Clean Workbook: My First Phonics – Toddlers love busy work, so give them something they can learn and play with!

4. $28 Learning Resource Puzzle Globe – “A fun, engaging way to encourage children as young as 3 to learn geography”

5. $14 Book and Toy Set – This one features Dragons Loves Tacos, a hit with both my kids. Any book and toy set is a great gift for a young child!

6. $34.99 Little Tikes Basketball Set – For the athlete in training!

7. $ Toysmith Mystical Spiral Glitter Wand – It’s on our holiday list and we can’t wait to unbox it!

8. $9.95 Book Of Why – by Nat Geo for children who love to ask “why”?

9. $14.99 Alex Monkey Balance Board – Helps kids improve their balance and coordination! Perfectly sized for little feet-yet able to accommodate larger ones-this 16.5″ x 9.5″ sturdy wooden wobbly board features an adorable monkey graphic. Designed for ages three and up, the board supports kids up to 200 pounds, making it suitable for the entire family to enjoy.

10. $15 Liquid Motion Bubble Timer – Looking for a stress relief toy? This colorful liquid bubble drop motion timer is an excellent visual stimulant which has a mesmerizing effect as you watch the bubbles travel down in slow motion. The oil droplets can even make the colorful wheels spin. Just flip this cool liquid motion toy over and start again until you are fully relaxed.

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Family Friendly Gift Ideas: Under $50 | AMAZON

5 Days Of Amazon Gift Ideas Under $50


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10 Gifts Under $35 for the Pregnant / Expecting Parent

1. $25 White Noise Machine (This one is portable, with a battery option as well as a night light and projector, with a bonus music option – we own and love this one!)

2. $29.99 Portable Booster Seat – We did a ton of research, and though a lobster attachment works well, we were too nervous to scuff a table. This one has worked perfectly for our needs, and on sale now at Amazon

3. $28.99 Organic Drool Bib – This infinity scarf style is ultra modern with cool tones and quality fabric – for the hard-to-please baby in your life

4. $25 Baby Swaddles – I love grey and cream as the gender neutral colors, and swaddles saved our life with Baby #1 – we couldn’t have too many on hand

5. $18 Ultra Thin Velvet Baby Clothes Hangers – Space Saving plus it arrives in a pack of 50…yes please!

6. $4 Mustela Between-Wash Cleanser is a gentle non-oil-stripping formula that even the most natural-product-loving parent can appreciate

7. $32 JJ Cole Diaper and Wipe Caddy Organizer I snagged this baby shower gift as my own personal caddy for beside the bed during postpartum time. Perfect for diapers, snacks, sanitizer, chargers, and more!

8. $14.95 RePlay Cups – This seems like a steep price for three cups, but we believe in the product, which is also proudly made in the U.S.A. (and the colors just speak to me – so there’s that)

9. $12.99 Amber Teething Necklace – While we never used one ourselves, I have heard nothing but rave reviews from those who have tried it (raw amber is what you’re looking for – this necklace is!)

10. $13 Polka Dot Unisex Infant Hat because all babies need hats, period (some need the chance to refuse them at all costs!)

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Free T.V. Online? WillTV has 900+ Shows! I Tried It!

In the late pregnancy, postpartum and newborn stages, we decided to be crazy, as most people in the throes of babyhood do, and relocate. Twice.

Though we were fortunate to alway have a roof over our heads and keys in hand before the babies arrived, we usually relied on YouTube videos or other means of online entertainment for our evening winding down time in these periods of transition.

Having free television would have been a wonderful treat! Especially streaming from an iPhone or iPad with no additional applications necessary.

I can think of 100 other scenarios where this service may come in handy, as well. Long waits? Power outage? Pop open your iphone browser and get an update on your favorite television show.

With WillTV, all you need is an internet connection and an electronic device capable of streaming and voila!

Visit to see for yourself, and start watching all of the latest and greatest television programs for free. Instantly!

Categories include:

  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Sport
  • History
  • Romance
  • Crime
  • Biography
  • Family
  • Game-Show
  • Music
  • Reality-TV
  • Musical
  • Western
  • Documentary
  • War
  • News
  • Talk-Show

See the YouTube video below, which I was asked to create for the company, demonstrating how easy it is to sign up and start watching. (It’s easy. Pick a username and provide a valid email, and choose your password. No credit card or additional information needed!)

Happy Viewing!

Mama B

Printable Reindeer Character

I unpacked our hardcopy of the Polar Express this week…which means I’m either late buying eggnog or early with the Christmas books.

Either way, if you have little ones at home, printables are a fun way to make any holiday story a bit more interactive!

Pre-cut the pieces and and let your child glue into place:

Two horns, two inner ear pieces, and their choice of black or red nose plus two antlers.

You can assist – or let little imaginations run wild and marvel at the results!

Assembly Suggestion (results may vary!) 😉

The National Wildlife Federation shares 12 Fascinating Facts about Reindeer:

  1. In North America reindeer are also called caribou.
  2. Both the males and females grow antlers.
  3. Their noses are specially designed to warm the air before it gets to their lungs.
  4. Reindeer hooves expand in summer when the ground is soft and shrink in winter when the ground is hard.
  5. Some subspecies have knees that make a clicking noise when they walk so the animals can stay together in a blizzard.
  6. Some North American caribou migrate over 3,000 miles in a year – more than any other land mammal.Woodland Caribou. Photo credit: USFWS
  7. Though thought of as a tundra species, a form of caribou lived in southern Idaho until the 19th century (there are ongoing efforts to re-establish them in the state).
  8. Northernmost species are much lighter in color than species at the southern end their range.
  9. Reindeer have been herded for centuries by several Arctic and Subarctic peoples.
  10. The name “reindeer” is of Norse origin (from the old Norse word “hreinn” for deer) and has nothing to do the reins of a sled. The name “caribou” comes to us through the French, from the Mi’kmag “qalipu,” meaning “snow shoveler.”
  11. Golden eagles are the leading predator of caribou calves in the late spring and fall.
  12. Once the entire body of a reindeer was found inside a Greenland shark (most likely a case of near-shore scavenging, as opposed to a migrating land shark).

Indoor Playgroup at PYBUS Market

It’s the most wonderful season of all! #PYBUSPUBLICMARKET

The doors have opened for our most inexpensive) playgroup for the Fall/Winter season – INDOOR PLAYGROUND at PYBUS (pronounced: PIE-bus) Public Market.

(Canyon’s “other favorite” playgroup is the YMCA Open Gym in Wenatchee, which starts later this year).

The indoor playgroup at Pybus Public Market (whose slogan is “Where the COMMUNITY Meets”) is ideal for children birth to school age.

My own son had a blast last year. We had just welcomed his sister Dakota in our family, and we all needed to get out of the house during blizzard season.

We went for the first time last week, and again a few days ago. Yep! Indoor Playground is definitely going to be our “beat the chill” spot for winter 2019!

The playroom at Pybus is conveniently located right next to both the mens and womens restrooms, and the market has lots of fresh food and restaurants to appease to your hungry family members (Warm PB&J on grilled sourdough?)!

In the newborn days, while juggling a toddler and trying to keep everyone fed, I would often grab last-minute grocery items at the market, or treat myself to a morning coffee when our day had gotten off to a particularly rough start. Then, I’d settle in and let the kids play and meet new friends while I either chatted with or at least exchanged glances with other humans – besides my own.

The best part is, it costs just $1 for local residents (in the Wenatchee area – $1.50 for everyone else, still a bargain)! I also loved that it started at 9:00 A.M., since we are up early and ready for adventures at that time.

Many local playgroups and mom’s groups would not meet until later in the day, I found out last year; this year, our favorite library story hour isn’t until our usual lunch time.

While our library finishes it’s current renovation, we look forward to spending time at Pybus a couple times a week. I simply don’t enjoy lugging all of us up and down three flights of stairs for the bathrooms at the temp library, which has happened the last three times we visited.

It’s nice to get out of the house, and always good to get fresh air in the winter time.

If you’re a Wenatchee resident looking for something fun to do with your baby or toddler for the snow season of 2019 – head to Pybus Market for the 9-12 playgroup!

If you’re a mom with littles, you might also be interested in the MomStrong workouts through Wenatchee Family Fitness – held in the boardroom of the marketplace starting Nov. 18.

See the current registration and class schedules here.

From their website:

Introducing our small group winter Mom Strong Sessions, held M-W-F in the Board Room at Pybus Market.  These sessions are results driven!  You’ll work closely with our trainers to develop a plan focused on optimizing your overall health and well-being.  Sessions include:

  • Initial and Final Assessments – allowing you to track your transformation
  • Custom workouts incorporating High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Barre, & Yoga – led by our pre and postnatal certified instructors
  • Community of moms and instructors to support you through your journey
  • Bring the kids along with you!  We incorporate them in the workouts – No need for a babysitter
  • Nutritional support and guidance from our sports nutrition specialist
  • Coordinated play dates and mom night outs

Pricing: Full Session is $200.  Drop-in rate (for single class) is $12.


Mama B

TARGET DOLLAR SPOT | Christmas 2019 | Holiday Discounts

I went to check out the latest Target Dollar Spot lineup for 2019 ( filmed November 6, 2019) and the video is live!

Sure enough, there was some holiday goodies and lots of Christmas themed items being set out. I’ll have to go back for a December update if you like this video!

Nov 2019

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Shown in this video:

$1 Items:

Wooden Gift Tag (various styles – see the fruitcake tag!)

Wooden Shape (Glitter Edge)

Decorative Figure (White Letters)

Art Plant (Mini Sprig)

Gift Accessories

Gift Wrap

Gift Bags

Kids Christmas Plastic Plate

Gift Box

Wine Bags

Wooden Bar Gift Tags

Drink Markers

$3 Items:

Ceramic Mug


Gift Bucket

Wood Shapes (2 Count)

Brush Trees (3 Count)

Mini Fabric Drawstring Bags

Glass Thanksgiving Trivet (with Serving Portions)

Plant Sprigs 4 Count

Countdown to Christmas sign

Christmas Bell with Ribbon

Candle in Glass

Standing Wooden Signs

Ceramic Polar Bear

String Lights

Wooden Signs

Craft Bar Soap

Thank You Candles with Lids

Non GMO Mini Grow Kit

Assorted Kids Crafts

Tree Toppers (I showed the Unicorn one)

Miniature Tinsel Tree

Travel Tin Games for Kids

Plush Animal


Holographic Wine Glass

Gift Box

Toilet Paper with Festive Print (2 pk)

Hanging Bar Decor

$5 Items:

Knit Hat


Christmas Themed Hard Cover Books

Dish Towel (2 Pack)

Dish Towel plus Pot Holder

Wood Sled

Glitter Photo Frame

Bottle Brush Tree

Christmas Stockings

Wooden Frame with Reversible Inserts

Wooden Frame with Metal Tag

Polar Bear Painting Project for Kids

5+ Baking Set

Assorted Kids Crafts

Wooden Play Food

Sequined Stocking

Toilet Seat Cover

Ceramic Santa Boots

Ceramic Elf Shoes

Bar Mat

Reusable Metal Straw with Cap

Glass Bar Cutting Board

$7 Items:

Kids Wooden Shape Sorter

Kitchen Play Set

Tool Set

Metallic Clutch

Fleece Throw


Love, Mama B