Colors – Tot School Unit Plan


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If you have or care for children, you know that almost everything marketed toward them should come with a set of parental goggles to protect our eyeballs! Preferably one in nude/nature tones to give us a break… 

That being said, you are sure to find something in your at-home stash of toys to teach a tot school color unit.

When in doubt, bean bags have been a fabulous go-to resource for us. Inexpensive and fairly quick and simple to make (with felt being twenty cents or so per sheet – use rice or beans from your grocery store’s bulk section to fill).

Felt boards are also a great way to incorporate non-food items into your lesson plans. 

Have fun and please let me know what your favorite COLOR themed activity is!


Bean Bag Sorting and Tossing – a Gross Motor Game: 

Use blank felt circles inside large 6-section muffin tin and try to sort or toss the coordinating weighted bean bag into place!

My toddler had fun tossing each bag into each felt circle ‘house’ where each bean bag ‘lived’. He also enjoyed dumping the tin out and holding up random pieces and calling out color names.

Hey, whatever works!








Interactive Felt Board Games:

“Little Mouse, Little Mouse, are you in the [color] house?”

“Doggie, Doggie, where’s your bone? Did somebody hide it in your [color] home?”

I used the same felt houses for each activity, and added a few felt foods plus a bone for the Doggie game.

Watch on YouTube

Interactive Felt Board:

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes



Taste-Safe Flour Paints

Go to the recipe page


Flour Paint Recipe on YouTube

Free Download: Paint Chip Matching Game by MommaAMommaB

This felt heart matching game is also used for our Valentine’s Unit.

I just love multipurpose teaching aids!


This printable Color Bears Set is available in my store. We used as coloring pages as well as pairing them with construction paper and using them as anchor charts. You can also cut out and laminate the bear cards and corresponding labels for a ‘matching’ game.

I purchased a full set of Do-A-Dot markers on Amazon for around $15 but you can get a smaller set for around $10:








This was a simple activity we did with some toys around the house and matching IKEA toddler cups. These colorful cups are so great for sorting activities!

You can turn it into a gross motor activity by helping your child find objects around the room that match – If the cups are too small, lay out squares of colored construction paper as landing pads for your collections.

Likewise, a fine motor activity can be cutting different colors from a magazine to fill coordinating cups and pasting them on construction paper when finished!


All Aboard the Color Counting Train! On sale now!
We use for:
Beginning Counting
Color Themes
Numbers Unit
This $1 printable set includes:
  • Number Crates 1-10 (hand symbols only) pages 2-5
  • Number Crates 1-10 (hand symbols + numbers) pages 6-9
  • Full Page Colored Engine page 10
  • 10 Full Page Colored Caboose Cars (1-10 with written words + numbers) pages 11-20
Ideas for Use:
  • Cut out and laminate or use as-is
  • Match crates to corresponding train cars
  • Cut +, , = signs out of construction paper to create simple math problems
  • Print smaller sizes to create a travel / file folder game
  • Use as wall decor

Color Train Wall Decals on Amazon: