DIY Photoshoot Mini Sessions for Infant and Toddlers

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Make use of all those swaddles and receiving blankets and sheets. You know you have a million!

  1. Babies in baskets seem to dramatize how little and precious they are. You don’t want to miss this shot. Photo credit: In Love Design Photography
  2. Homemade props are one way to add a little pizzazz to your shoot – I love paper mache (I used it to create a full moon, and a few 3-D stars).
  3. Giant baby, little city: It’s so easy to make them huge OR tiny by comparison with hardly any effort. Even a pair of jeans can be turned into skyscrapers!
  4. Seasonal photos, like with a favorite sports team hat or a more natural object that marks the moment like these giant leaves from the backyard of baby’s first home.
  5.  Silly/naptime photos are so cute. My little one slept through anything, including set and outfit changes. If you’re so lucky, I would say GO for it!

The fun doesn’t stop with the blog: check out more inspiration at MommaAMommaB on Pinterest


Target Dollar Spot, Dollar Tree, and natural and recycled items are my go-to’s.



We once made tubes of red felt with faux fir trim, that my wife stepped into; draped over her leftover Halloween pirate boots, they made a perfect pair of Santa legs! My original plan was to prop wrapping paper tubes inside the tall boots, and drape the fabric around, but they didn’t look “leggy” enough. I could have bolstered it better, but it was far easier to recruit a human assistant, especially since baby wasn’t sitting reliably at this point, and the extra hands were reassuring!

Backdrop is wrapping paper over our hideous wood paneling downstairs. Shadow box “Believe” from Target dollar spot. Faux glitter snow and fiberfill snow were leftovers from previous projects.


The white flowers on the backdrop of the Easter photo were made from tissue paper, and taped onto some ultra thin foam sheets that my just-delivered laundry cabinets had just been wrapped in.

The green grass and eggs came packed in a box from Gramma and Grampa, who sent him a few cute gifts. The gold bucket was I believe .50 from IKEA (2 for $1 if I remember correctly).


Used for this shoot:

Dollar Tree Tablecloths (3 red + 2 neutral)

Scissors to trim tablecloths into “streamers”

Donuts from discount wholesaler

Truffles from Gilded Lily in Wenatchee, WA:

Letter board or signage optional


Other Fun Photos:

Magical Milk Bath Monday | #magicalmilkbathmonday

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