We did 31 Days of Halloween with our son in his first year – here were a few of my favorite days (check our entire photo set on Instagram). This was a blast, I had fun making the raccoon mask and will definitely make more for his play room. Ninja Turtles were my favorite as a child so I couldn’t resist! Why be limited to one costume on your first ever Halloween?

To create the parrot costume, I sewed bright flannel feathers onto a red footed pajama from the thrift store. The original plan was to use hot glue, but the dried glue left some poky/stiff parts on the fabric that delicate baby skin wouldn’t appreciate. Sew, we carried on!

Wife and I used items we found around the house for pirate costumes, as well a dollar store run for the mask and bandanna and earring. She also found incredible black leather boots from the thrift store for BOTH of us, for under $10 total!


Will you try a DIY Halloween costume this year?