Hibernation – Tot School Unit Plan


Top 10 Hibernators:

  • Bears
  • Garter Snakes
  • Box Turtles
  • Snails
  • Marmots
  • Common Poorwill
  • Bats
  • Hedgehogs
  • Bumblebees
  • Wood Frogs

“Bears go into torpor, which while similar to hibernation is different. When in torpor bears reduce both their heart and breathing rate, and their temperature drops, but less so than animals that hibernate. When in torpor bears can and do wake up easily, but they can go for days without waking, eating, drinking or going to the toilet.” See more from OneKindPlanet.org

Going on a Bear Hunt – Number Seek and Find


My toddler loves seek-and-find games, so this activity was a hit – especially after reading “Going on a Bear Hunt” by Little Simon. There is a soundtrack to go with the board book available here on Amazon

We listened to the song for free (here on YouTube) before and during our search for our ten bears, which were created using a 36-pack of Dollar Tree shaped decor sheets. After finding each numbered bear we marked it off our do-a-dot list!

To work on reading with older children, you could have them match cards such as “TEN” to the bears marked “10” for example. Instead of do-a-dots, you could add a bingo board, or hide many copies of the bears and have a race among multiple players to see who can get one of each number, first!