L-O-V-E Popsicle Sticks and Hand Print Valentine’s Day Craft From Baby

Supplies Needed*:


0.72 x 5.86 (or “Large Size”) Popsicle-Style Craft Sticks

2 1/2 x 3/8 x 1/2 Inch (“Miniature”) Popsicle-Style Craft Sticks

Hot Glue and Glue Gun

Red and White Craft Paints


*I got all my craft sticks and hot glue at the dollar store, the paint and glue gun were my own

  1. Build your base: 8 Large sticks with 2 additional on the back as vertical supports
  2. Paint the base white*
  3. Paint your mini craft sticks red. You’ll need 6 and 1/2 sticks for each project**
  4. Optional: If you want to hang these you can either use a pop tab (or two, with twine or ribbon added). I used a larger tab from an Earth’s Best Organic formula container which was the best idea to come out of this project; I will be saving my tabs for future DIY’s!

*I used white acrylic mixed with plenty of water to give it a whitewashed look. Had his first print smudged, I planed on painting over with a thick layer of white, but I didn’t need to on any of these! It’s a Valentine’s miracle!

**I made a couple extra as I didn’t think about cutting the horizontal “E” segments until I laid the project out and it looked unbalanced. I would still recommend painting at least one extra in case the stick splinters while cutting.

To avoid splintering, I cut halfway through the stick, and then turn and start a fresh cut, meeting the first cut to finish separating the stick into two pieces.


These turned out better than I had hoped. I ended up making three, because one is never enough, and for all of the effort I didn’t want to risk a smudged print.

I love how they all turned out unique, and they will make great gifts and office art for Mom to take to work!