Music Appreciation – Tot School Unit Plan


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Music Appreciation

There are so many ways we incorporate music into our everyday, so this almost doesn’t need to be a unit. But…why not?img_4362

This month we brought out extra instruments for the toy rotation and made some of our own, such as a Corn Shaker made with some purple popcorn kernels that had gone a bit stale, and some pipe cleaner bits, for color – this one also makes a great November / Harvest activity!

Older kids can have a bit more fun cutting and tying ribbons onto the bottle or decorating with glue and beads or stickers. We always make sure to hot glue the caps onto any recycled water bottle activity when working with toddlers, to prevent a choking hazard.

We have these wooden egg shakers, carousel bells, a guitar and other instruments at home that we utilized this week – if you don’t have such items available there are hundreds of DIY options you can find on Pinterest or Google using simple materials like rubber bands, tissue boxes, paper plates, or spoons. Or simply turn on some tunes and dance like there’s no tomorrow!