Our Unicorn Princess

I had just purchased a small dollar store bag of donut-themed party items and was excitedly showing off my idea board when my wife stopped me in my tracks:

“But, she’s my unicorn princess. She needs a Unicorn party!”

I was, indeed, stopped nearly dead. This is coming from a person who isn’t one to stand in my idea of a plan, nor is she particularly picky about anything in general as far as when it comes to decision making about things that aren’t pertinent to survival (i.e. the never-ending game of I don’t care, where do you want to eat?).

So basically, when I heard her say unicorn party, by Goddess we were having one. Who was I to stand in the way with some silly donut theme? And to heck with the idea of some gender neutral theme when all her cousins identify as…boys. Challenge accepted!

We had gone big for brother’s first party and though it was fun, it was too big and I barely got to say hello to everyone before it was all said and done. With the cake smashing, and the photos, and the games, and the…learning curve of being a parent throwing a first ever party in a park.

For sister, we will be doing a few cake smashing photos in the days leading up to the party (wayyy less pressure) and then we can just enjoy the days’ events. Any additional photos will be bonuses at that point! Win!

Then again…it may be too chilly for an October birthday in the park. I remember having snow on a few Octobers, here in my hometown. But that many people at our home? And whom do we not invite that won’t feel betrayed, forgotten, (maybe just a little miffed, which is equally as bad as the first two, to a people-pleaser!)?

So, my gracious Mother-in-Law offered to host a party for my wife’s side of the family which saves many people a few hours driving. And now, here we all are, with TWO parties; equally excited and nervous times two. The party actually got bigger. It divided then multiplied! But in the best possible way: we are so lucky so many people love her, and we have so many fun ideas and decorations and DIY’s planned to share with you our special day(s!)…

For our Obstacle Course

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