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Bumpdate??? – 6 Weeks Pregnant

I am trying to get let myself get excited about this pregnancy and yesterday’s update had my heart skipping: our little embryo’s heart has likely started to beat.

Dang Camera.

Well, yesterday’s PIO shot was hilarious and we even did a bit of a “bumpdate” – all to be lost when the camera died. More footage coming your way tomorrow, today I uploaded our Preschool Morning Board and Felt/Foam DIY video and a belated Valentine’s Handprint Craft video. Check them out if you’re so inclined!  

Feeling Hopeful – PIO Shots at 5w5d

Injection 26 was easy peasy, no bleeding post-injection and no spotting/cramping for Mama for a couple days. Either this is a bad joke, or we actually still have a shot at this pregnancy thing! It’s somewhat difficult to see family being so excited for us after our news was shared. Asking the due date, etc. (which most people know is a rough estimate anyway, but to someone in the TTC world that simple question makes our head spin. It’s like why do you get a solid answer on when the… Read more Feeling Hopeful – PIO Shots at 5w5d

Bleeding / Cramping at 5 Weeks

Just as our PIO injections were getting progressively easier – even when we saw blood after a bad technique – we were still optimistic about doing this to support our pregnancy. We are unsure about whether we are pregnant anymore, and the shots have gotten difficult to administer all over again. After seeing blood and having some mild to moderate intermittent cramping, B called the nurse right away, and she responded while I was filming so I didn’t include the update: Nothing can be seen on a scan this early,… Read more Bleeding / Cramping at 5 Weeks

Intramuscular Shots with Friends

When my friend messaged me last week to let me know she was nervous she may have to do her own PIO shot, and that she was using my just-posted self-injection video as inspiration, I immediately offer to do my evening shot “with her”. We don’t know each other personally, and we weren’t planning on meeting up, but knowing there is someone out there, somewhere, at the same time, going through the same thing, is comforting. We go to the same fertility clinic and only recently met through TTC tags… Read more Intramuscular Shots with Friends

“Big Hole” After PIO Injection #21

Self-administered PIO shots are unnerving enough, and though I wasn’t sure why I was bleeding so much here, we reviewed the tapes and looked back at my technique for some answers. The actual progesterone injection was administered fine; I likely scraped myself removing the needle by not working with the natural angle and trying to focus on pulling it ‘straight out’ when I had injected at a slight angle. I believe this caused the appearance of a larger post-injection hole (usually you can hardly see anything after bleeding stops). Next… Read more “Big Hole” After PIO Injection #21

Our First Partnership | Why Do We Vlog?

We were so happy when a company finally reached out to us for a sponsorship; YouTube had recently dumped us as partners/creators as part of their purge/overhaul of smaller channels. I mean, their attempt to make YouTube better. Am I allowed to say that? Of course – I own this blog 😉 We had spilled our blood sweat and tears into our infertility channel over three years, sharing a lot of personal information and raw emotions. If it were just an attempt to make money (ha!) we would have been… Read more Our First Partnership | Why Do We Vlog?