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My Second Sensory Deprivation (Isolation Tank) Experience

As an otherwise frugal person it was a relief (though surprisingly difficult) to not let myself feel badly, or tally up the other things that could have been purchased, or start thinking about how third world countries don’t even have water and I’m driving a Subaru to a salt water bath — seriously, I started to go there. 

Brandi is Cranky on Progesterone

Hand raise if you’ve been on PIO shots. Keep your hand up if you were starving the entire time… keep it up if you felt not yourself…irritable at your partner for no reason at all (okay maybe it was a little justified)… I will be the first to admit it, though not proud of that last bit; progesterone in any form makes me go a bit berserk. Like most of you I am sure, I like to be in control of my body and emotions, which is one reason being… Read more Brandi is Cranky on Progesterone