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PIO Injections #3, #4

We are getting better every day! Getting the call for our embryo transfer appointment today made it that much more “real”. Our son refused to go to sleep before tonight’s shot; I was extra nervous preparing everything while he watched. It’s like he knew something intense was going on, and he was very well behaved despite being extremely over tired. If you missed our Insta story, you can watch a recap: PIO Injection #4 on YouTube

Thoughts After Second Home PIO injection

Today I woke up and felt just fine! It wasn’t until around 9 a.m. when I realized I was sort of favoring my right leg. When I put my weight fully on it, my butt/hip area felt pretty achy, from last night’s shot. I was surprised I hadn’t noticed it, but there is definitely a small lumpy area after our second shot, while the left bun feels just as cheeky as it normally does. Let me segue for a moment: Something happens when you become pregnant and have to realize… Read more Thoughts After Second Home PIO injection