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Free T.V. Online? WillTV has 900+ Shows! I Tried It!

In the late pregnancy, postpartum and newborn stages, we decided to be crazy, as most people in the throes of babyhood do, and relocate. Twice. Though we were fortunate to alway have a roof over our heads and keys in hand before the babies arrived, we usually relied on YouTube videos or other means of online entertainment for our evening winding down time in these periods of transition. Having free television would have been a wonderful treat! Especially streaming from an iPhone or iPad with no additional applications necessary. I… Read more Free T.V. Online? WillTV has 900+ Shows! I Tried It!

Indoor Playgroup at PYBUS Market

It’s the most wonderful season of all! #PYBUSPUBLICMARKET The doors have opened for our most inexpensive) playgroup for the Fall/Winter season – INDOOR PLAYGROUND at PYBUS (pronounced: PIE-bus) Public Market. (Canyon’s “other favorite” playgroup is the YMCA Open Gym in Wenatchee, which starts later this year). The indoor playgroup at Pybus Public Market (whose slogan is “Where the COMMUNITY Meets”) is ideal for children birth to school age. My own son had a blast last year. We had just welcomed his sister Dakota in our family, and we all needed… Read more Indoor Playgroup at PYBUS Market

Behind the Camera – Amy “busted” me this week!

It was fun to have an extra person (and camera!) this week to give you a closer look into our true daily routine. We always joke that in order to give a full picture, we need to have a camera crew (and we almost did, one time. Do you guys remember that interview we had for the Courtney Cox documentary “9 Months”? I still haven’t seen it, but apparently it’s a facebook series. Needless to say, they didn’t think we were interesting enough – but I’m glad you guys do!… Read more Behind the Camera – Amy “busted” me this week!