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Amazon Gifts Under $50 for Teens in 2019

1. $35.99 Aisuo Night Light – 5 in 1 Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker – This light has so many bells and whistles that you just have to see for yourself 2. $21.99 Cinema Light Box Marquis –  154 letters/numbers and 90 emoji tiles, along with 15 colored light options. In addition to classic white, dim up/down the brightness, have fun with the “Flash”, “Strobe”, “Fade” and “Smooth” light play options, all controlled with an included remote 3. $34.95 Family Chess Set by Brain Blox – A quality wooden board with color… Read more Amazon Gifts Under $50 for Teens in 2019

Children’s Gifts Under $50| AMAZON GUIDE

Gift Ideas for the 2019 – 2020 Holiday Season 1. $39 Melissa and Doug Magic in a Snap (KIT) – Every magician needs a top quality top hat, and this one is top notch! The four-piece set includes a velvet pop-up and fold-flat hat with a secret pocket, a sturdy wand, a plush rabbit to make appear and disappear, and a silver coin to transform! easy-to follow illustrated instructions help budding magicians learn the secrets behind these impressive classic tricks that are sure to wow audiences of all ages! 2.… Read more Children’s Gifts Under $50| AMAZON GUIDE

5 Days Of Amazon Gift Ideas Under $50

HAPPY VLOGMAS!!! It’s finally here – daily vlogs through December! Today on YouTube at 10 a.m. PST … SEASON 3 EPISODE 1 (that is, S03E01) To kick off our countdown to Christmas, we will also be posting 5 days of new ideas for your holiday Amazon gift lists here on *If you want a spoiler alert, visit our Amazon Seller’s Page where you can find links to all of our favorites: We earn a small commission through every purchase made directly through an affiliate link (any item featured… Read more 5 Days Of Amazon Gift Ideas Under $50

Free T.V. Online? WillTV has 900+ Shows! I Tried It!

In the late pregnancy, postpartum and newborn stages, we decided to be crazy, as most people in the throes of babyhood do, and relocate. Twice. Though we were fortunate to alway have a roof over our heads and keys in hand before the babies arrived, we usually relied on YouTube videos or other means of online entertainment for our evening winding down time in these periods of transition. Having free television would have been a wonderful treat! Especially streaming from an iPhone or iPad with no additional applications necessary. I… Read more Free T.V. Online? WillTV has 900+ Shows! I Tried It!