Forest Animals / Footprints

Forest animals and footprints were great themes for our two-and-a-half year old. I can see these activities easily entertaining his younger sister soon – we will revisit some of these next year for sure!


Animal Tracks:

Books: Footprints in the Snow: A Picture Book Hardcover by Mei Matsuoka

Wolf, tired of reading books about nasty, scary, greedy wolves, decides to pen his own story about a nice wolf. In the tale, Wolf follows footprints in the snow, hoping he can make a new friend. Rabbit and Frog don’t buy his line, and, sure enough, when Wolf realizes the footprints belong to fat, juicy Duck, he begins to salivate. Both plot and pictures then take a surprising turn, which will delight young readers. Replete with visual allusions to popular wolf stories, the folk art–style illustrations set up the scenario for thisstory-within-stories. The art also yields several opportunities for readers’ discoveries: the stuffed animals on Wolf’s shelf become the characters in his story, while the subtle placement of Wolf’s paw and pen make readers almost forget that they’re reading Wolf’s made-up tale. Indeed, Wolf himself seems to have become so involved in his story that he is startled by the turn of events. Left up to the imagination is the question of whether art imitates life or life imitates art. Pair with Emily Gravett’s Wolves (2006). Preschool-Grade 3. –Patricia Austin

From Booklist

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