Penguins – Tot School Unit Plan

Penguin Unit


For these sensory activities I used the miniature penguins from Safari Ltd. as part of their TOOB series. (Click on the image or HERE to view on

The first part of the week we were lucky enough to have real snow outside, which I brought inside, much to the delight of my toddler.


I found a free printable key on their site, which I printed out for use in a Montessori-inspired matching game for shelf work at a later date:penguin TOOB printableI also printed these free cards for sixteen different species from South America, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica.


I cut and laminated two versions as suggested: one for a self-correcting answer key and one to be used to match the label to the appropriate pictures.

Later that week we brought the figurines back in, added some cotton balls in lieu of snow, and provided recycled egg cartons, fruit cups and large tongs from the Dollar Tree to work on fine motor skills.


Purchase a similar pair: