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Products/Companies We Love

Ages 0-12m


Storage Supplies


I love Raggisar soft (quiet!) felt baskets from IKEA. They are located near the wardrobes and clothing organization if you are in-store. Actually, these baskets a great baby shower gift – every parent could find use for a little more organization for kids’ many accouterments. Plus, not everything has to be pastel. I LOVE me some gray (and even some grey, occasionally🍸). The baskets come in a set of three for under $9. We use them for our Sensory/Treasure Baskets.

Baby Shower/Infant Gifts


I pair the above Raggisar basket with a Tutig or Klammig diaper changing pad (plus a handmade item if I have time, else a gift certificate). These grippy, thin, PUL-lined covers are so great I’ve gone back for two for myself!

$4.99 in store, and over twice that on Amazon: $11.99 at the time of this posting (before shipping costs and taxes).


Haaka Silicone Breast Pump – This was a lifesaver in the early newborn days! Helped relieve pressure and save milk at the same time when supply is first getting established. No more wasted milk or cleaning pump parts! Win!

Cloth Diapering

EcoAble Brand Cloth Diapering Supplies

We have tried so many cloth diapers over the years, and this is one brand that has both stood the test of time as well as been an affordable option for our single-income family.

(More thoughts and reviews on cloth diapering products HERE)

Diaper Sprayer (a MUST for cloth diapering!) See our video review below (sponsored / contest closed):

Baby Blanket


Bare Soles Moccasins Winter Floral Blanket

We own this print in infant and adult size – PURE LOVE!

“Made of high quality polyester material that is not only soft and stretchy but allows the vibrancy of  the designs to pop. The material can be washed normally and will not fade with continued was or use. You can even use color safe bleach if you or your little one take your Bare Necessity on an an adventure that requires a little extra cleaning.

All Bare Necessities (blankets, carseat covers and headbands) by Bare Soles Moccasins are proudly handmade in the USA.”

Diaper Bag:

HAPP Levy (shown here in Herringbone, also available in Dusty Rose).

Sophisticated and sleek, the Black Herringbone collection is constructed from soft, lavish fabric with a slight sheen. With light gold hardware details and faux leather trim, the collection is the manifestation of modern luxury.

HAPP Brand’s iconic Herringbone nylon textile is created with a meticulous process of stitching that gives it a 3D quilted effect. This unique quilting innovatively maintains the structure of the bag, while keeping everything shockingly lightweight.

UPDATE: I posted this originally in March 2019, and as of October 2019 I have gotten stopped numerous times to be asked “where’d you get that bag” – by young students in a coffee shop and mature professionals in an airport, alike. Almost everyone is surprised it’s a diaper bag. It functions perfectly for our airline travels, too.

(SEE OUR BLOG and VIDEO for more on this bag)

I like to pair it with the Fawny Pack by Fawn Designs

You can see both of these items our daily vlogs at MommaAMommaB at YouTube. 

Mess-Free Activity:

Water Tummy Time Play Mat

After a long road trip we were so excited to come home to a package in the mail containing this fun play mat! I only wish I had this when my first born was a baby – but as a toddler he got a huge kick out of it playing with his ten month old sister.

This play mat has gone through hours of stomping, splashing and tossing, and still hasn’t sprung a leak. I am impressed, and plan to taking it with us to visit relatives out of town soon.

We received this item in exchange for our honest review. I should have read the two very simple directions in the back so that was my own problem (when I filled the air compartment first). Otherwise this product appears to be self explanatory.

(Also: the water drips you see at the end of this video are from the mat being filled in the sink, not from any leaks! That video clip was actually filmed first, and the plug is very secure, similar to an kid’s inflatable pool.)

The company ( Giftinthebox ) has so many great stocking stuffer or kids present ideas available on Amazon. Check them out, they have enabled free shipping to Prime members!

Although this play mat by GiftInTheBox is made overseas, we agreed to review it because I have to children who love any sort of fun new activity and this mat did seem like one we would choose for ourselves due to the extra large play window.

The foam pieces inside were thicker than I anticipated, too (I have been using the cheap dollar store foam for so many projects lately that the 1/8″ thick animal shapes felt like a splurge).

Below, you can see my review video (and the kids playing together nicely – what?!):

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