Products We Love


Products/Companies We Love: Ages 0-12m


Storage Supplies


I love Raggisar soft (quiet!) felt baskets from IKEA. They are located near the wardrobes and clothing organization if you are in-store. Actually, these baskets a great baby shower gift – every parent could find use for a little more organization for kids’ many accouterments. Plus, not everything has to be pastel. I LOVE me some gray (and even some grey, occasionally🍸). The baskets come in a set of three for under $9. We use them for our Sensory/Treasure Baskets.

Baby Shower/Infant Gifts


I pair the above Raggisar basket with a Tutig or Klammig diaper changing pad (plus a handmade item if I have time, else a gift certificate). These grippy, thin, PUL-lined covers are so great I’ve gone back for two for myself!

$4.99 in store, and over twice that on Amazon: $11.99 at the time of this posting (before shipping costs and taxes).

Haaka Silicone Breast Pump –haaka This was a lifesaver in the early newborn days! Helped relieve pressure and save milk at the same time when supply is first getting established. No more wasted milk or cleaning pump parts! Win!



Cloth Diapering

EcoAble Brand Cloth Diapering Supplies


We have tried so many cloth diapers over the years, and this is one brand that has both stood the test of time as well as been an affordable option for our single-income family.

(More thoughts and reviews on cloth diapering products HERE)

Diaper Sprayer (a MUST for cloth diapering!) See our video review below (sponsored / contest closed):