Reptiles Unit * Turtles / Lizards / Snakes – Tot School Unit Plan


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One of my child’s favorite things to play with is small, realistic animal figurines. Enter “Sunny Patch Litter of Lizards” by Melissa and Doug. They come with play ideas (and a hashtag: #countlesswaystoplay) on the back of the package:img_4367

  • Name That Lizard: Give each lizard a name and a personality and tell a story about where it lives and what it likes to do.
  • Leaping Lizards: Line up two lizards nose-to-tail at a starting line. Have the back lizard leap over the front lizard until the reach a finish line!
  • Create a Scene: Draw a garden, desert, or forest scene and have your lizards crawl around it!

These held his entertainment for quite some time. I simply paired it with a felt mat I had made for another project. It reminded me I needed to create a felt aquatic scene to go with future lessons!




(This activity better suited for preschoolers or first graders. We won’t attempt this one for tot

school but wanted to offer the free download). 

Snake board game with letters of the month (Ss, Rr, Ii, Pp). Roll a set of dry-erase foam dice and move to the nearest appropriate capital or lowercase letter on the game board. I used two dice to cover all of the 8 letters. 

Free Download: Snake Letter Board Game – Ss, Rr, Ii, Pp

Match That Snake

We repeated the lizard activity from earlier in the week using plastic snakes by Melissa and Doug. These also came with play suggestions:



  • Name that Snake: (Similar to Name That Lizard)
  • Pick a Pair (Match That Snake): Place all the snakes into a bucket. Without looking, reach in and pick one snake. After looking at it, reach in again without looking and try to find the matching snake by feel alone. 
  • Create a Scene: (Same garden, desert, or forest scene as you would for lizards)


As part of our examination on reptiles, we looked at lots of library books on this topic, and visited a local pet shop for an up-close look at some amniotes*.

*Turtles are amniotes, along with other reptiles, birds, and mammals. Like other amniotes, turtles breathe air and do not lay eggs underwater, although many species live in or around water. – Google