Sensory Baskets


We introduced a few at 2 months old with little success/attention. Around 4 months, he was loving the concept of ‘new’ toys when the rotation changed!


These sensory baskets, also known as treasure baskets, come in handy for the busy parent – when you need a little ace up your sleeve. This is no substitute for one-on-one interaction, but I find it buys me time to get a quick chore done, or do a bodily function in private. (TMI? Sorry…Mom Blog).

How are they different from sensory bins and tubs? Treasure baskets are meant to be left down for a child to access at their own will – similar to a rotating, themed toy box. Sensory tubs, on the other hand, should be used with careful supervision – especially if they contain small parts, liquids, and other items that may not be as child-friendly.

Color-themed treasure baskets are a simply way to get started; meanwhile, the texture-themed and music sensory baskets were a huge hit around four to five months old! He was working on cutting his first tooth (at eight months!) and seemed to really enjoy the teething baskets around this time.

Once we hit the toddler years, we will transition from the sensory basket into a busy bin or quiet book for moments of down time.

I use these Raggisar soft (quiet!) felt baskets from IKEA. See also: Other Products We Love

Here are a few of the baskets we started with  May they bring a moment of sanity to you. I mean, bring enjoyment to your family.


Sensory Baskets | MommaAMommaB

Textured Balls and Rattles


Teething Textures


Textures & Tones: Color-Themed Baskets



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