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We made a few extra winter activity kits – available for purchase starting NEXT WEEK! 🥳

These kits reduce the need for a printer – everything you need is included…and reusable!

Customize your crate – every crate comes with enough materials to personalize your experience- or- I am happy to include the child’s name on a project for you if you add it to the notes and details section before final checkout.

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Penguins or Polar Bears? Jury is still out!
Enough fun for two!
Look a little closer… 🔍
Do you get snow at your home?

Tips for Staying Sane (Got Some?)

This week kicked my butt. I may have been a little too ambitious with my new workout routine, and then my wife left town for a work meeting and got snowed in – on top of it, the toddlers both decided to act a hot mess these last two days (poor Dakota is getting another two teeth and just wants to be held and loved on).

Don’t choose between picking up the mess or picking up your babies – get up earlier! 💪

While there’s nothing I wouldn’t give to make sure these kids are safe and happy and entertained and fed and rested and watered…I also would love the same opportunities to take care of myself. Parenting Anthem, am I right? I used to want a glass of wine, now there are days when I have to ask myself if I’ve had a glass of water all day. And I’m starting to feel like crap.

This week, the routines are changing! Life is calling us back to the drawing board, as it does.

As someone who lives and breathes by a daily schedule, changing up the routine that has worked so well for us for over two years gives me a little anxious pit in my stomach. It shouldn’t – but I like the comfort that comes complimentary with every pre-planned day and outfit.

Focus on the good – not the mess

Tuesdays are linen days. I know what to expect. If I miss linen day, I must prepare myself for a weeklong battle of trying to fit it in somewhere else. I like linen day.

Yes, I see the eye roll. Who likes linen day?

While my love of Tuesday has nothing to do with sheets and bedspreads (ugh, who enjoys putting heavy wet sheets into a dryer?) it has everything to do with routine. Tuesdays are usually one of our two preschool days. It means that while the laundry is washing I can watch Dr. Phil at full volume or spend some time catching up on personal care tasks (removing the crusty toenail polish, pulling items out of a cluttered cupboard or packing for a weekend trip without the kids pulling every item out or demanding to see every receipt and paperclip from the junk drawer…). Catching up on finances, making healthcare appointments or steam mopping.

Stay-at-Home Mama Life means wrangling two toddlers while my wife travels for work – sometimes gone days at a time. And we all know days with small children (like indoor baby pandas) are highly active and somewhat unpredictable. As we look forward to Amy’s busy season, I can expect her to travel weekly, and maybe even have a home away from home for extended periods of time.

The idea of it sounds exhausting, but we both know it’s for the greater good of our family. So – what can we do to help my sanity?


Amy’s recent travel was a bit unexpected and so I think I was feeling extra keyed-up from not getting my chores or meal prep work done (I exchanged that for a workout while the baby napped). Stuff starts to PILE.

Our days have been like finely oiled machines around here, but missing a meal prep and then getting burgers was not the best way to make up for an intense workout. Should I have not exercised and had a sensible meal instead?

WHY can’t I ever manage to do both? Exercise hasn’t been a set part of my days, so I’ve been trying to fit it in in any scheduling holes or gaps in my day. My “free time” so to speak. Which means it doesn’t happen, and instead gets pushed to the back burner to take care of smaller itemized tasks that I can check off my list.

No longer!

I’ll be working on a bit of organization and meal planning and pantry inventory in the next couple of days, and sharing any great recipes or tips I come across here on the blog (and the vlog at MommaAMommaB on YouTube).

For me, a clean workspace and home environment brings me peace – with a one and two year old, the house is often an eyesore and the garbage accumulates at an alarming rate. All things I need to just suck up and embrace as part of motherhood – or get out those gloves and get up an hour earlier!

Reorganization under way!

See today’s video for more – I truly have the best partner I could imagine. It’s important to take care of eachother, so if you see someone struggling try to offer to help – even just a couple hours of “me” time brought me back to reality. Step outside, get a breath of fresh air.

Or do what I did – fill your basket with organization and cleaning tools – plus a cute new workout bra.

You deserve to take care of you, even when you can convince yourself you’re not worth it.

Did I tally up every item in my cart and feel extreme guilt for spending over SIXTY dollars on organizing canisters? YEP. Did I buy them anyway. YEP. My wife had insisted and I needed to get over that block in my mind.

Clear canisters by Made By Design – Available at Target and

Does this scream privilege? YEP. But I bought the dang things and cleaned them and dried them and filled them with goods and for some reason this brought me a feeling of some type of control. Something other than just collapsing into bed and saying “today was too hard”.

Easier to see what’s on hand – SO clean looking!

Do you need to spend money to feel better? Goodness no. Feelings come and feelings go (Pete the Cat fans, WYA?).

Here I am raiding the dress-up bin, instead of doing my chores (this kid is on a nap strike!) NO REGRETS

If buying kitchen organization goods and an exercise bra is the worst damage I could do today, I guess I’ll forgive myself for the bank account hit. It’s not often we splurge on frivolous things – and is it totally frivolous if it brings some personal satisfaction? I may argue the case for my new haul! I hope this new kitchen system streamlines our meal prep and helps reduce food waste – I’ll keep you updated after we try it out for a bit!

TBH, I’ve never spent so much at once on organization tools: But I think today it was worth it. The kitchen organization project led to a full pantry itemization; now we actually know what we have on hand for meal planning.

Here’s to more organized days in 2020!

Love, Mama B

Date Night Makeup – Interrupted (…by kids and no real date planned, anyway!) | BOBBI BROWN Vitamin Enriched Face Base Review

I decided to do a date night makeup look at around 7 in the morning…

Why? Because why not?

…So when the children woke up at eight o’clock, after I had most of my face done and two curls in my hair, we had breakfast and played with a new sensory basket while I felt extra fancy and enjoyed a hot coffee. Thought I’d share because there’s something about watching makeup tutorials that is fascinating.

I had fun editing the footage – even though it’s not a completed look and it took me more time to edit these vlogs than it did to get ready and feed my children and go to the grocery store.

It was uploaded in two parts (thanks YouTube app) but I’ve posted both parts at the same time so make sure to click through if you want to see the final look!

Thanks as always for being part of our world. We love our online community!

Drop a comment if you want to know more about any of the products used 🙂

Mama B

FTC: The embedded videos feature sponsored products