MAONO Lapel Mic | Unboxing and First Impressions

Thanks for testing the lapel mic AU100R by MAONO with us!

If you’ve been considering starting a vlog or podcast, you need to think about audio, which makes up a percentage of the complete user experience.

Since paying more attention to our audio ducking and music levels, we have noticed a change in overall satisfaction (increased watch time) even when our videos aren’t generating more clicks per view, necessarily. Bad audio and shaky footage are two things that will cause a viewer to quickly close your video – often they won’t come back to your channel/page after that experience.

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One way to manage audio is by painstakingly editing every track “in post”. In post production, tracks are placed into a timeline sequence inside your editing software. Depending on your program, you can “duck”, adjust gains and more. To save exponential amounts of time, reducing your need for post-production editing as much as possible is your best bet.

This means the images and audio coming from your recording source has to be as smooth and crisp as possible.

Imagine trying to add color to a black and white image – this is inherently more difficult than transforming an Andy Warhol into a gray-scale.

Same concept as taking shadows out of a video. Possible. But it will make you want to pull your hair out and ask yourself why couldn’t there have been just ONE hair light on set, instead?

Lighting and Mics, people!

So far I’ve been using this lapel mic from and it’s working nicely for on-the-go recording when you need your subject to be turning and moving – when they are also the ones dictating audio.

This lapel mic by MAONO is a lapel / lavalier microphone which attaches to the user or interviewee by a small alligator style clip, keeping your audio more consistent (and also more convenient) than a hand-held microphone or boom.

Save yourself the hassle of adding voice overs or syncing your audio tracks post-production – have your raw audio be “good enough” right out of the camera.

The lav mic is compatible with DSLR cameras, USB devices and smart phones, making it a flexible choice for multi-platform producers.

The MAONO lavalier microphone has a built-in rechargeable battery to make it available for over 90 hours working time.

**Note** I did experience functionality issues using a knock-off apple dongle or two that are known working cables. This device prefers the original Apple Official cables (which currently run $9-12 new from Apple).

3.55mm to Lightning Adapter not included

#AD Thank you to Maono for providing us with our first lav mic in exchange for our honest review

Unboxing the Maono Mic

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