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Organize my Life – A Toddler Mom’s Self Improvement Journey

What is real motherhood like? Exhausting. (But there’s an app for that! Or a diet! Or a hack!). Try this for a change: Water. Sleep. Exercise. Who knew?

Behind the Camera – Amy “busted” me this week!

It was fun to have an extra person (and camera!) this week to give you a closer look into our true daily routine. We always joke that in order to give a full picture, we need to have a camera crew (and we almost did, one time. Do you guys remember that interview we had for the Courtney Cox documentary “9 Months”? I still haven’t seen it, but apparently it’s a facebook series. Needless to say, they didn’t think we were interesting enough – but I’m glad you guys do!… Read more Behind the Camera – Amy “busted” me this week!