Target Dollar Spot Haul (EASTER)

The orange carrots caught my attention first – and from then on, I was hopelessly stuck in the dollar spot at Target.

For a total of $7 plus tax, I scored the following decorative Easter veggies:


Next, a $3 fabric covered Easter basket which will coordinate with his amazing outfit for the day:


…which will be filled with…


Many of these items are a bit ‘mature’ for our guy quite yet, but I couldn’t pass up the deal on the suit items (FOUR BUCKS for suspenders and a tie?) and I am always on the lookout for quiet games to facilitate my own sanity.

I imagine we will get hours of fun from the indoor play balls, but I am holding off until my child exits the ‘everything in my mouth’ stage (not only for obvious safety reasons, but because the cheap material smells very strong – I’ll probably set these outside to off-gas a bit before we dive into unstructured play time).

The peg puzzle I unwrapped and added hook and loop (“Velcro” style) stick-on dots, which adds a degree of difficulty but helps reduce lost-game-piece clutter.

I also grabbed two $1 superhero figures which will be using for our future “gender reveal” in a similar fashion to Canyon’s gender reveal.  As an LGBT person, I am always fascinated that toys today are so completely ‘gendered’ towards blues for boys and pinks for girls, and though that is still the case with these figurines, I like that it’s not “cowboys versus princesses”. This kid will be a superhero if s/he is anything like their brother!


For Canyon’s gender reveal, we had a local Seattle shop owner chose a Goose Grease peg doll for us and wrap it (blue or pink). These dolls are hand chiseled in Bogota from sustainably forested wood, painted with non-toxic paints and safe for young children, while these two are made in China.

In a perfect world, all of my purchases would be from small shops, and I try to support them whenever I can.

While I may feel a wee bit guilty of saddling little brother or sister with second child syndrome (on the $1 versus $20 doll), I kind of love my new superhero pegs… shh!


If you are interested in the Goose Grease dolls you can find them on Etsy or at

And, here is his basket, ready to be tucked away until the big day:


I just love a good holiday with this little rabbit.