The Calendar – Tot School Unit Plan

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The Calendar – Intro To History

History will be an important part of our later schooling education, so it’s nice to start grasping the concept of the calendar. For tots, this is as basic as recognizing a time line, and vocabulary comprehension of terms such as “before / after / later / next / first / last” etc.


For this unit, I made a timeline of my little guy in hopes of appealing to a toddler’s natural ego-centrism (have you ever noticed that two year olds are all about me, me, me”?). 

While the presence of ego is a normal part of child development, around three years old we want to encourage a shift to towards ‘we’ and ‘us’ verbiages; including others, and developing empathy. Still, letting an activity reflect your child’s unique sense of self can be a useful learning tool that helps capture their interest!

As we explore the concept of time, creating a timeline with my child’s photographs (from when he was just a tiny baby in my tummy to the big brother he is now).

The template is available for download: