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We had been through seven medicated IUI’s and a total of three embryos among two transfers before I finally had the guts to say NO to pineapple core! Messy, acidic and fibrous, it wasn’t my favorite but I’m all in when it comes to wives tales, and somehow every pineapple-core eater around me was falling pregnant. I’m happy to confirm it is POSSIBLE to get pregnant without eating fruit cores, pits, seeds, and stems. 😀

Be warned: the IVF success methods I use here aren’t scientifically studied, and probably a whole lot of mumbo jumbo.

Alas, I have my second ever float tank scheduled tomorrow, and I’m SO CONVINCED this is going to work for us, that I’ve already created a handy pictorial to reference [below].  Keep your fingers crossed! Transfer is on MONDAY, we will update this page in a few weeks (!!!)

*2/26/18 Update: We saw promising numbers at our first two blood beta appointments, and are in the process of waiting for our 6 week ultrasound – we also added McDonalds french fries on the way home from the transfer, a popular and delicious wive’s tale in the TTC community. We didn’t do that the first time but I can attest it didn’t hurt this time – I say go for it! I spent the remaining evening after transfer with my feet mostly kicked up, but I also had an 8 month old, so I wasn’t hard on myself for doing diaper laundry or things that I would have let stress me the last couple of times – climbing stairs after a transfer is okay, we just want to avoid raising the heart rate too much, for too long – most normal activities are encouraged, after an embryo transfer from our fertility clinic.

Best of luck!



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